Why Worry? The Creator Takes Care of You.

2 thoughts on “The Creator Takes Care of You

  1. The symbol of a circle around a double-edged sword, embraced by two swords crossed at the handles is core to Sikhs around the world. It is a symbol of protection and power to do good on earth for all people.

    As it says in tiny print below the symbol, “Oh individual, why do you worry? The One who created you is taking care of you.”

    I know my life is totally in God’s Hands, for in practicing powerful Kundalini Yoga Kriyas for forty years–and much sooner than that (!), calling on the Gurus for support, I learned from the Gurus that I was Durga fighting demons with Rishi Dusht Daman in the Himalayan Moutains; Mary Mother of Jesus; and integral to the lineage of the Sikh Gurus. I was the sister, Bibi Nanaki, of Guru Nanak–the first Guru; wife of the fifth Guru who composed most of the Sikh holy book–the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, and wife of the tenth Guru, who was my great great grandson. This last Guru, Guru Gobind Singh–who had been Rishi Dusht Daman, made me Mother of the Khalsa, whom I am to this day.

  2. My ongoing purpose is to raise funds to publish my memoirs, as a Sikh and master of Kundalini Yoga. I put funds down (the lowest amount) with Hay House, yet found they were far too costly for me to publish my entire memoirs there. I am now approaching another company, this time for self-publishing, where the company assists you along the way to come out with the best book possible. In my case that will be about 20 volumes, for I began writing my life story when I was a teenager. Over the years I added chapters up to my past lives as Durga, lifetimes with the Sikh Gurus and as the Mother of Jesus. Now I am a young-looking 68 and long ago completed writing my life story. So today I made an appointment to speak with the self-publishing company on the 17th!

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